While you may not currently be serving, your life is materially different. You’ve served this country, and with that service has come responsibilities, privileges, and community. Contrast in financial products and employment history with your non-veteran counterparts may seem trivial to some, but the shared environment that active duty cultivates doesn’t end when you return to civilian life, and we want to build on that to help you address your challenges.

With veteran staff at Davis Faas Blase, we understand where you’re coming from, and that your challenges may not be the same as your non-serving civilian counterparts. Whether you’re coming to us for family, business, or personal reasons, we understand, and we’re here to apply that united approach to overcome your obstacles.

DFB Services

Core Family Law Services Offered At Davis Faas Blase

Family Law

Family law is our bread and butter. With staff who grew up with divorced parents, we understand first-hand the impact of your difficult decision, and dig deep to relate to our clients. Being able to communicate in a personal and empathetic way allows us to ensure we always keep your well-being top of mind.

Child Custody

Figuring out your new family dynamic is stressful, and we know your children’s comfort, health, and happiness are your top priority. Child custody conversations aren’t typically fun, but we work to at least make them as easier. We devote ourselves to helping you take care of your family’s future, and assist in helping you write your next chapter with ease.

Child Support

Beyond helping our clients overcome these difficult challenges, we carefully collaborate with them, overseeing child support. The joy we experience when we see our clients smile and laugh is our favorite reward. Being able to hear their stories, years later, and to see the outcome of their evolved family dynamic, is a feeling we couldn’t experience in any other career.


We’re firm believers in educating our clients on the importance of co-parenting after separation. While it's hard to see past the transition, parenting doesn't end when your marriage does. In fact, it’s an new, involved challenge. We work with you to understand how you and your counterpart can best continue parenting together, even if it’s no longer under the same roof.

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If you find yourself making the difficult life changing decision to go through divorce - do not wait another moment to contact us. Our passionate family law team is ready to help you with your life transition.

We can openly say that the decision to divorce will be filled with a range of emotions. Keep your head held high - we’re here for you.

After all, life still happens.


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