Lindy S. Stanford, has dedicated her career to the needs of families.  Her extensive experience and knowledge in the areas of estate planning (including wills, trusts and estate plans), probate and probate litigation, as well as family law litigation, mediation and collaborative law practice makes her uniquely qualified to assist clients in navigating some of life’s most challenging experiences.

Her practice areas include the more complicated aspects of law, including adult and juvenile guardianships and conservatorships, special needs trusts and adoptions and severance actions, and high conflict dissolution matters.  But if you ask her, she’ll tell you that her true passion is for mediation and collaborative law, because she finds alternative dispute resolution to be the most client-guided approach, and one that ensures the character of a family to remain in-tact, even after a divorce.

Ms. Stanford earned her B.S. degree in Biology at Arizona State University, focusing on bioethics, and her J.D. degree from Arizona State University with certificates in Biotechnology Law and Health Law.

Prior to joining Davis Faas Blase, Ms. Stanford was a sole practitioner having come to law as her second career.  Before starting her own firm, Ms. Stanford acted as special advisor at Science Foundation Arizona.  She currently serves as a Judge Pro Tempore on the Maricopa County Superior Court Family Court bench.

When Ms. Stanford is not in our halls, she can be found spending time with her two children and husband, exploring the world through her love of travel, hiking with her dog, or cooking for her family and friends.

Ms. Stanford is the designated family law attorney for the Arizona Legal Center.



A few areas Lindy dedicates her passion...


Family law is our primary litigation focus, but there are alternatives to litigation, and we have mediators within the office who are trained and extremely well-versed in the nuances of dispute resolution. Mediation doesn’t just take training, it requires expertise as well, because a mediator can’t help settle a case unless they understand the specificities of the law. Our mediators have that specialized knowledge. Being able to communicate with each other during the process of a divorce allows parties to truly “own the outcome” and decide what tone and direction they want their family and assets to take going forward. While not right for every case, mediation does have a very purposeful role in many divorce matters, and can ease the cost and frustration of litigation.

Estate Planning

What legacy do you want to leave for your family and other loved ones? You have the ability to decide now, and alleviate all of the issues that arise when someone passes, and they do not have a will. We are dedicated to helping clients choose what happens with their assets when they pass, so that their loved ones do not end up fighting over money or personal property, thereby dividing a family unnecessarily. Planning for the future is a true gift to those you love, so that their grief does not also come with legal proceedings about your assets. Our team can assist you with making sure that your wishes are properly conveyed and honored.

Adult Guardianships/Special Needs Trusts

Every family has different legal needs at times in life. If a child or adult member of your family, needs to be provided for financially now, or in the future, this can be accomplished with several different legal vehicles. Our team of professionals is trained to assist with both adult guardianship matters, to assist with the management of an adult person’s medical, legal or financial needs, as well as special needs trusts, to address the financial needs of a person who cannot financially care for themselves. These each accomplish different goals, but are equally important to ensuring that a person who cannot make major decisions, or legally and financially care for themselves, can be properly cared for both now and in the future.


While every team needs to know the benefit of a proper settlement, there is also great value in knowing when settlement is not possible. Let our team of highly trained attorneys and paralegals prepare your case for that important day. There are family law firms all over the valley, and many offer litigation services, but they will not offer you the same dedication, one-on-one attorney time, and focused attention on just your case matter, when the time arises. Your family matters to us and we are focused on making sure that we work with every client to meet their specific goals and tailor our arguments to their wishes and needs. Let us help you write your next chapter.

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